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Corporate Organogram


Five Senses is run by a Proprietress/Chief Operating Officer (COO)  who is a trained Montessori teacher. Given the fact that nobody can build a great business alone, the Proprietress is ably supported by a four-man Business Advisory Board (“The Board”) who provide non-binding but informed guidance and serve as a tremendous ally in the quest for superior corporate governance of the school.

The Business Advisory Board provides strategic managerial advice about the direction the institution should follow for any given year as well as for the long term. The Board set goals and design strategies to support their achievement.

The Advisory Board meets and holds discussions or brainstorming sessions with the Proprietress twice a year.

The school equally has a Finance and Management Advisor (“F&MA”) who is equally a member of the Business Advisory Board. The Finance and Management Advisor provides hands-on support to the Proprietress in the implementation of the school’s short and long term strategic plans as advised by the Advisory Board.

At the operational level, the Proprietress is assisted by an experienced School Administrator who provides professional support in the management of school operations. The School Administrator heads the Academic and Non-Academic staff and is in charge of the day to day running of the school.

She reports directly to the Proprietress/COO who is responsible for all financial and strategic decisions. Next to the School Administrator is the Head Teacher who oversees the Academic sections of the school.

The Head Teacher, Contract staff (Music, Language and Extra-curricular activities tutors) and Non-teaching staff (Drivers, Cook and Security personnel) report directly to the School Administrator.

The Head Teacher is in charge of the Crèche & Pre-nursery, Nursery and Primary sections of the school. Sectional heads report directly to the Head Teacher; they oversee the day to day operations of their respective sections as well as supervise staff (Care-givers, Class room teachers and Assistant teachers) in the sections.